PERMS & PERMING - Biocurl 0 (Resistant)

PERMS & PERMING - Biocurl 0 (Resistant)

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Goldwell Topform Biocurl 0 for difficult to perm natural hair.

Transforms even the most resistant hair by creating rippling waves and lively, tight curls with a delicate herbal formula.

Blended with Vitamin C and herbal extracts, Biocurl provides a naturally infused perming solution that is suitable for one application per pack.

Difficult hair is bathed in nourishing extracts, giving it a healthy, smooth texture that blossoms with curls and dimension.

Topform Biocurl is available in 0 for difficult to perm natural hair, 1 for normal to fine natural hair and 2 for porous coloured hair.

Pack contains Perming Lotion 80ml and Neutraliser 100ml.