YS Park - Cutting Comb - 332 - White

YS Park - Cutting Comb - 332 - White

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YS Park 332 in White - 185mm.

Ideal for advanced basic fine cutting and made from durable Ultem plastic, which is 428°F resistant. Smooth and strong, and specially sized for all cutting needs. Engineered with gradually-decreasing pitch to facilitate even tension on the hair.

Great for transitioning between cutting techniques, this comb’s waffle spine design is longer, thicker and wider for better grip and easier combing.

- Combination comb with fine and round teeth.
- Fine teeth for precision work.
- Round teeth for longer hair and natural look.
- Short first tooth for easy sectioning.
- Measurement guide with grip holes at 1cm increments.

Also available in Red, Pink and Carbon (Black).