Blondor Cream Toner - /96 (Sienna Beige)

Blondor Cream Toner - /96 (Sienna Beige)

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Blondor Cream Toner - /96 (Sienna Beige)

BlondorPlex™ Cream Toner is for quick and reliable toning, premixed with WellaPlex Bond Builder to achieve perfectly blended blonde results within 5 minutes.

Up to 90% less breakage*
(*Instrumental testing measuring combing resistance of Blondorplex+Bleach+Blondorplex Permanent Cream Toner vs. Blondorplex alone)

Within 5 minutes, BlondorPlex™ Cream Toner gives predictable and reliable results.

Leaves the hair soft and shiny.

Reduces hair breakage from combing.

For all hair types and textures.