Osmo IKON -- Porosity Equaliser

Osmo IKON -- Porosity Equaliser

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Osmo IKON - Porosity Equaliser ACTIVE pH RE-BALANCER

A leave-in treatment spray designed to help restore the natural pH of the hair and equalize porosity levels following a chemical / lightening treatment. Creates a cleaner canvas to help optimize colour application.

Formulated with Green Tea Extract and Prickly Pear Oil to help promote healthy hair by reducing static and adding shine and condition. Leaves the hair feeling shiny, smooth and manageable after colouring.

Carry out your chemical / lightening treatment as normal. Shampoo, rinse, then spray evenly over towel dried hair. Comb through, do not rinse. Apply the colour as normal. Shampoo, rinse and apply Porosity Spray again to help restore pH levels back to normal.