By Lisa Langford

Meet The Founder of Looth - Ben Lifton

You know when you’ve been sat on an idea for two plus years, and wake up one day, and say “Ok, today is the day to do this”. Well, that was what happened for me with looth.

Hi - I’m Ben Lifton. I’d describe myself as a problem solver, and that I’m a dab hand at building brands and businesses.

Some of you may know me from my marketing agency, Content Kweens. It was through Content Kweens that I recognised the challenges faced by hair professionals in marketing their brands: poor salon lighting and a lack of support for content creation.

Enter Looth. Our flagship product, the Handheld LED Light, provides sunlight in a hairdressers pocket 24/7. With adjustable lighting options, it ensures accurate reflection of clients' real-life appearance in their content, whether warmer or cooler tones are needed. Plus, our neck mount allows hairdressers to effortlessly capture POV content while working, ideal for creating their transformation videos.

Prior to launching in February 2024, I tested both products with clients from the Content Kweens community, who all gave me the green light. That was enough product market fit I needed.

And now, a few months in, we’ve been stocked by Wella, GHD and now of course Lemonade.

Our intention is simple. To provide reliable equipment for content creators around the world. 

Because, hairdressers, love it or hate it - you are a content creator nowadays. And you need reliable equipment to help you capture the best content to market yourselves with online. And that’s what Looth is here to be.

From our beautifully curated social media presence to the user experience on our website, all the way through to the luxe packaging that lends itself naturally to be filmed by you as an unboxing video, we've designed Looth to offer the most aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive creator equipment on the market.

So now you have Looth in your life, it’s over to you - content creator x