Rebel Rebel Hair Studio - WD194AL

We are renting the third chair in our three chair co-working studio, this would be suitable for a full time or part time hairstylist or for someone looking for a space as an when they need it.

Prices vary between £60-£80 per day depending on frequency of use and all include use of chair between 8am and 8pm

We provide refreshments, towels, gowns, backwash products, recycling that includes foil and hair and the optional use of our in salon styling products.

You can find lot of information about how it all works at:

CONTACT - Sarah Daglish -  WhatsApp 07511757133 -




Hunter Collective - EC1R 4RR

A stunning work space are growing their HC team 💫

Are you interested in joining an ambitious, fun and friendly bunch of creative professionals?

If so please reach out or recommend someone you know! 




Two Generations - WN5 8AT

Are you interested in working at an upcoming, friendly and vibrant new salon?

CONTACT - Leah or Kerry Contact via. Instagram @twogenerationshair or Call 01942 212001



HUB Cornwall - PL15 8AA

Want to be part of Cornwalls most desired boutique salon?

: Take home 100% of your income
: Have full creative independence
: Work in a supported environment
: Choose your own working hours
: Work with like minded professionals

Starting from £100 per month including 5 free chair hours, a Host to meet and greet, complimentary refreshments, guest lunch options, full booking system access and much much more!

For more details email Emma at and join our gorgeous team



JC Hair Design - CF11 0SN
Looking for passionate freelancers- hair stylists/hair extensions/barbers/nail techs/muas
Brand new salon opened in 2023 in Cardiff
• Work any hours you choose
• Free parking
• Choice of refreshments- tea,herbal teas, choice of coffees,squash,juice and     biscuits
• Daily rate payment keep the rest of your earnings
• Supportive and passionate team environment 
• Shampoos/conditioners/towels/gowns/hot tool use - ghd & babyliss hot tools.
• Your own storage space
• Colour accessories- tint bowls & brushes/ cotton wool/stain remover/ barrier cream/ head caps/colour capes
Be your own boss
Control your own hours
Set your own prices
Contact Jade Coulthard 
07497 604085



Watch This Space! Coming Soon!



Watch This Space! Coming Soon!



Watch This Space! Coming Soon!



Watch This Space! Coming Soon!



Watch This Space! Coming Soon!



Are you a Salon / Freelance Hub owner looking to Rent a Chair?

If so, email us on where we will promote your opportunity to our Pips!


Renting a chair in a salon is a golden opportunity for freelance hairdressers to shine. 

Tailored Chair Rental Options:

  1. Percentage Agreement Freedom:

    • Embrace big earnings during busy times.
    • Plan for slower periods with financial flexibility.
  2. Fixed Rent Transparency:

    • Enjoy the simplicity of a fixed weekly rent.
    • Predictable payments for better financial planning.
  3. Strategic Mix and Match:

    • Find a balance for mutual benefits.
    • Optimal perks without professional clashes.

Advantages Tailored for Freelancers:

  1. Financial Independence:

    • Reap the rewards without traditional employee costs.
    • Control over personal earnings.
  2. Flexible Employment Dynamics:

    • Set personal working hours.
    • Freelance freedom in action.
  3. Intrinsic Motivation Boost:

    • Direct link between effort and personal financial gain.
    • Excellence translates into personal success.

Navigating Challenges with Ease:

  1. Celebrating Autonomy:

    • Embrace freedom in setting hours.
    • Open communication for effective collaboration.
  2. Entrepreneurial Opportunities Embraced:

    • Chair rental as a step toward independence.
    • View competition as a sign of success.
  3. Client Relationship Dynamics Leveraged:

    • Build lasting connections.
    • Take your clientele with you.

Freelancer-Centric Contract Considerations:

  • Empowering Agreement Terms:

    • Negotiate contract durations for security.
  • Flexible Working Hours:

    • Advocate for hours that suit your rhythm.
  • Fair Disciplinary Procedures:

    • Establish fair procedures for support.
  • Transparent Policies:

    • Clear policies for a freelance lifestyle.
  • Access to Resources:

    • Clearly outline resource access.
  • Profit-Sharing Opportunities:

    • Discuss percentage of product sales.
  • Client Ownership Clarification:

    • Understand client database access.

Valuing the Freelance Hairdresser:

  • Cost Evaluation:
    • Assess earnings against costs.

Financial Planning Made Simple:

  • Professional Guidance:
    • Collaborate with an accountant.
    • Ensure financial compliance.

In conclusion, chair rental can be a straightforward win for freelance hairdressers. Focus on clear agreements, entrepreneurial possibilities, and strategic considerations to make the most of this opportunity.