Empowering Freelance Hairdressers through Independent Training Partnerships

At Lemonade, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering growth within the freelance hairdressing community. Our unique approach to education sets us apart in the industry, as we actively promote our freelance hairdressers to engage in training with independent industry experts.

Lemonade is a forward-thinking community dedicated to supporting the professional development of freelance hairdressers. With a vision to revolutionise the way freelance stylists approach their craft, we have established a network of independent hairdressers renowned for their expertise and innovation.

Our Philosophy: We understand that the hairdressing industry is ever-evolving, and to stay at the forefront, continuous learning is paramount. That's why we encourage our freelance hairdressers to seek out training opportunities with independent professionals. By fostering these partnerships, we empower our stylists to refine their skills, discover fresh techniques, and gain invaluable insights from some of the most respected names in the business.



Lisa Langford 'Lady B'

About Lisa:

Lisa has accumulated 22 years of experience in the hair and makeup industry. She spent 10 of those years teaching various courses across the country.

Early Career:

Lisa began her education at the RUSH salon training academy. She started as an in-house trainer while also working as the head colour technician and senior stylist. Four of her students have become notable names in the hairdressing world.


In 2012, Lisa established her own business, LadyB Hair and Makeup. She has worked with high-profile clients and participated in prestigious events. Her work has been published and she's worked at prestigious events such as Paris Fashion Week. Currently, she's also involved in the film and TV industry.

Education and Courses:

Lisa continued to expand her knowledge through courses, seminars, and online education. She now creates her own courses for individuals looking to go beyond regular NVQ hairdressing qualifications. Her courses focus on various aspects of hair styling, including Vintage, bridal, and editorial styles. They also provide guidance on marketing, customer etiquette, and photography. These courses are suitable for both absolute beginners and qualified hair stylists seeking to enhance their skills.

To view more courses, visit @ladybhairandmakeup or email


Angela Stewart 'The Afro Hair Coach'

Based in West London

Angela is a HMUA with 23 years experience in the TV, Film and Photographic Industries and specializing in Afro Hair Education since 2019. Her knowledge is from being a lifelong Naturalista, with the occasional diversion into Permanent Relaxed or Brazilian blow-dry methods. Angela has extensive experience with most problems that can arise and almost all is from first hand experience. 

As a MUA, Angela watched colleagues struggling for years and would help out when she could. Like others, Angela bemoaned the fact that Afro Hair was over looked in the training courses, and yet she didn’t realise that she could be part of the solution until 2018.

Angela's teaching style is based on the fact that we all learn differently, at different speeds, using different methods. Understanding also that Freelancers can’t always know their availability she keeps her classes short, and flexible. One thing is certain, Afro Hair Training is Vital if the industry is to be truly respectful to all its users.

Angela offers 1 day to 5 day workshops, groups or one to one’s available.  

Absolute beginners welcomed.

Angela teaches a Combless and painless method that incorporates combs (tools) and Product Simplifying.

All workshops are with real models so hands on experience for the texture is an added bonus.

Prices range from £300 to £1750.

    Contact Angela on

    For more course options, visit