How Does Lemonade Work?

Lets give you an example:

Meet John – John makes and Sells Lemonade – John goes to his local farmer to buy 20 Lemons.

Each Lemon costs £1.00.

John Pays for 20 x Lemons @£1.00– Total Cost = £20.00.

Meet Paul, another Lemonade maker in the next village, goes to his local farmer to buy 75 Lemons.

As Paul would like more Lemons, the farmer gives Paul a discount making each lemon £0.90.

Paul Pays for 75 x Lemons  @£0.90– Total Cost - £67.50.

John and Paul decide to JOIN FORCES with other Lemonade makers across Italy and TOGETHER they buy 10,000 Lemons.

As a COLLECTIVE, all the lemonade makers in Italy negotiate a better price on the lemons.

Now ALL the lemonade makers buy Lemons for £0.40 each.

John NOW buys 20 x Lemons for £8.00 (Saving him £12.00)

Paul NOW buys 75 x Lemons for £30.00 (Saving him £37.50)



Original Price per Lemon

Original Order


New Price per Lemon

New Order Total















John and Paul can now offset that discount and charge their customer less OR they can keep the money all for themselves. Juicy!

John and Paul skip down the Lemon grove together holding hands and they live happily ever after!

Buying POWER

To create Buying Power – you need VOLUME – Masses of it!

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