Mad About Money App is a neurodivergent friendly money app that supports people wherever they are on their money journey.

In particular they help to support those who struggle the most. People with ADHD and dyspraxia however no one is excluded.

We all struggle with money from time to time. So everyone is welcome. Mad About Money app has free downloads to help you to manage your money, vouchers to help you to save money on your everyday spending, a supportive community that helps you to stay accountable and get your questions answered.

And it’s totally free to download :)



We love this! Designed by our very own Ruth Lund!

TFS provides a simple, accurate and time efficient way for freelancers to price their services.TFS pricing calculator is simple to set up and once you’ve input your data you’ll never have to guesstimate your costings and prices ever again. This pricing calculator is accurate to the penny and the gram and can give you an instant update to your prices by altering your product price, adding or deleting your overhead costs or increasing your desired annual salary any time, anywhere.

This is the app for you if you need to start pricing your services accurately and profitably every time.

As a freelancer you have little time for time consuming heavy admin like working out your pricing, your time is spent in the business. TFs pricing calculator will take the guesswork out of pricing and you’ll never spend more than a few minutes calculating your prices ever again

Features include: being able to add percentage profit to each service

Saving your prices to the home page

Easy to update and tweak your services

Auto update the price of your services when a product price or overhead cost increases

Home page- the hub of your pricing

Where you’ll calculate and save all of your service prices.

Costs- Your overheads and expenses simplified

Keep all your business running costs in your costs section making sure all your overheads are always included in the service prices equally.


A place for you to create your own customisation product library

Structure-tailor your work calendar

Customise your work calendar effortlessly in the Structure section. Define your workweeks, days in a month, or hours in a day to align your schedule with your freelance commitments


All your personal and professional information and currency choice.



We at Lemonade are always on the hunt for saving for our Pips. Vish seems to making alot of noise in the industry right so we thought we would share with you all some information about VISH along with prices.

The Color Bar App automatically records and organises all of your formulas as you work, and was designed specifically for colourists who use manufacturer-style methodology. The Vish Color Bar App records and organises all of your formulas as you go — everything you mix is updated directly to your client's profile.

1. Select & Mix

Open your appointment, mix your formula from scratch or stored history.

2. Reweigh

Refine your formula by subtracting leftovers for precise history, dropping waste to almost zero.

3. Charge Correctly

Exact usage and prices are sent to the your computer, enforcing all pricing rules set and increasing revenue by 15%

4. Track & Refine

The data unlocked helps manage inventory, set your prices, and grow your business.

Integrated to your appointment book, all appointments and employees are available at the colour bar and notes head back to the client record.




After many years of low rates, savings have made a significant comeback over the last year. With inflation now sitting lower than the Bank of England base rate, there's a chance to really make your money work for you. We've the top easy-access, notice and fixed-rate accounts below.




We’re excited to announce that The Secret Salon Club is now live and ready to
support home salons across the UK. 

Driven by their passion to raise standards, their stylish website is a great place to
showcase and find professional home salons throughout the UK. Each salon
member has an individual listing showcasing their services, pricing, salon
features and images. With their growing list of brand partners, they also have exclusive offers available to our members. They offer a range from courses to improve your business acumen and systems for smoother processes. You can also get discounts on a stylish, professionally designed website as well as eye-catching branding to help you create the best impression.
These offers are handpicked to ensure their members have all the tools they need to promote their home salons as effectively
as possible.
Martin Durrant, founder of the Secret Salon Club “Daisy and I are passionate
about supporting business owners in the home salon industry. Home salon owners
work hard to offer excellent techniques, services and high-quality products to
their clients. We want to change the stigma that surrounds home salons and
champion these valuable businesses, empowering them to achieve high
standards and success.”
If you have a home salon or can offer a service to home salon
owners, get in touch with Daisy or Martin
Find out more at and
follow them on social media platforms.